How it works?

Open Software Updater is a free software program that runs on your Windows computer, it quietly sits in your task bar checking with OSU’s servers to see if there is a new update of more than fifteen supported applications. If there is a new update available, a dialog will slide up from your task bar asking you if you’d like to update individual applications or update all. Once you confirm your choice, the updates are downloaded from our secure Content Delivery Network and installed for you instantly.

Effortless Updates

If you’re like us, you have dozens of software programs on your computer. Updating them takes time, you need to go to the publishers site, download the update, then finally click through several screens of text, for each and every program. With Open Software Updater we’ll tell you when there’s an update, we check each and every hour with each supported software program and push a notification to you when it’s time to update, all you have to do is click Update and it’s immediately installed.

Trusted Downloads

We download each and every update for you directly from the publishers site, then store the verified file on our secure content delivery network.

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