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  • How much does Open Software Updater cost?

    There is no cost. Open Software Updater is 100% free to install and includes free updates in perpetuity.

  • Is Open Software Updater open source?

    No. Open Software Updater is commercial software protected by copyright and only authorized for distribution by Installer Technology Co. If you want to provide a copy to your friends and family, please direct them to this website.

  • How do I uninstall Open Software Updater?

    To uninstall Open Software Updater simply click into Add/Remove Programs on your Windows PC and select “Open Software Updater”. From there you can select Uninstall.

  • Do you support ______ program for updates?

    We are working very hard to add new, popular programs into our supported features, if there is a program you’d like to see us add, please contact us!

  • I am having problems that aren’t addressed here.

    Feel free to contact us, we’d love to help!